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    Communication That Works, Vol. 2.: A Parenting Handbook

    There are so many issues facing children and parents today. When I released my first book in 2020, Communication That Works: Changing the Rules of How to Listen, Understand, and Be Heard in Relationships, I began my communication book series. It covered a chapter on parenting, but that was just the beginning of the topic. In order to teach a process for parents to use my system with their children I had to expand it into its own little book. This book is all about that relationship and addresses the societal influences, trends, and problems that are all part of the development and milestones of children.

    If you are a parent seeking some kind of guide or reference, if you are lost as to how to discipline, where to focus your time and energy, or are seeking to understand what your child is facing, this is a great book for you. The work is small and practical and not bogged down by lists of information or studies. It is supported by the backbone of developmental psychology and by my many years of practice and practical work in parenting to break down the impasses so many parents experience.

    If you are struggling with the societal changes and influences of the modern world – from the digital to the video games- on screens of all kinds, then this book will address those issues. It will give you alternatives to allowing kids tons of time on the Internet and the resulting behavioral issues to a very different lifestyle and parenting design that has stood the test of time and does not buckle to current trends. This can offer a lasting change in your home and in your family.

    The book offers you step-by-step ideas and rationale to fully incorporate your parenting style with methods and techniques that will work for you if you are consistent and follow through but it is not cookie-cutter, it always talks about adapting it to your personal situation.

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    Communication That Works: Changing the Rules of How to Listen, Understand, and be Heard in Relationships

    This book is based on years of hands-on work with couples and families and is not a cookie-cutter theory-based system. It is a clear and definitive approach to communication so that you can develop better ways of having an argument, listen, and understand without trying to win. We all have arguments, and there is a productive way to have them and a destructive way. This book teaches you the productive approach and how to avoid destructive patterns. It suggests a practical approach with real-world examples from a systemic point of view of how to enhance your marriage, partnership, or any relationship that is important to you. It has been used by all of my personal clients and their families. It improved their communication with their kids, their colleagues, their partners, and in all areas where they practiced and used the approach.

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    If you have been my client, much of what is said in this book will sound very familiar. If you do buy the book and can offer a review, that would be appreciated.