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    I offer therapy for a wide range of difficulties including:

    • Couples & Relationships
    • Pre-Marital & Marriage Therapy
    • Sexuality and Intimacy Issues
    • Divorce (Affairs, Secrets, Grief/Loss)
    • Parenting, including Step-Families
    • Mentorship (Business, Life, Spirituality)
    • Stress Management and Work Balance
    • Interfaith and Intercultural
    • Anxiety and Depression
    • LGBTQ
    • Alternative Lifestyles (Poly, BDSM, other)
    • Grief and Loss
    • Personal Growth
    • Anger Resolution
    • Addictions and Substance Abuse Recovery
    • Personality and Bipolar Disorders
    • Self Esteem Issues

    Pre-Marital Counseling

    Are you a newlywed? Did you just get engaged? Are you and your partner looking to take your relationship to the next level? When you’re considering marriage, deciding on your honeymoon or figuring out where you want to live are among the first things you start to plan. Premarital counseling might be last on your list, if it’s there at all. While it’s not an engagement topic that’s very fun or romantic, premarital counseling can set your marriage up to succeed and survive long-term, in spite of the odds. Premarital counseling can…

    Sex Therapy

    Are you stuck in a sexless marriage? Do you and your partner have mismatched sexual desires? Are you having performance issues? Do you not feel emotionally connected anymore? Or maybe you want to spice up your love life, but your partner isn’t interested. If sexual issues are preventing true closeness between you and your partner, you may want to consider sex therapy. How does Sex Therapy work? As a sex therapist, I focus on the physical relationship between two people in a relationship, then identify the couple’s attitudes about sex and the…