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  • Interfaith & Intercultural Therapy

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    In a world that globally gets smaller and smaller in terms of faiths and cultures, it is important to work with someone without a bias to religion or culture.

    Relationships concerning religion can be very taxing on the family, the children, and the understanding for the couple or the family. I have studied varied religions for 15+ years, completed seminary education in an interfaith tradition and always continue to learn.

    Each time I step into the room with a different culture or religion, I still assume nothing. Each client has a unique story and I am fascinated and intrigued by those stories. Working through these differences can be daunting and difficult.

    I am honored to be your partner and your coach through areas of spirituality, meditation, mindfulness, or to listen and attend your story in order to help within your relationships. Sometimes it is just finding the words, at other times it is about setting boundaries, or affirming your spirituality. In all cases I am happy to help.